We can’t predict the future, but together, we can prepare for it. Insurance can’t prevent accidents from happening, but it can make the aftermath less traumatic and less costly.

Why would I get insurance?

Unforeseen and unexpected losses or damage as the result of fire, smoke, dust, water, weather, insects, vermin, explosion, utility interruption, equipment malfunction, unexplained disappearance can happen. Insuring your stored goods for such losses is your responsibility. It is against the law for anyone other than the tenant to insure the tenant’s stored items. Your self storage facility is not responsible for loss or damage to stored items.

How should I proceed?

Your first step should be to contact your home insurer to see if the items you place in the facility will be covered by your domestic home contents policy. It may be that you are fully covered for goods stored away from home or you may be able to pay an additional small premium to get such coverage. This could well be cheaper than taking out a separate insurance policy.

If your home owner’s insurance policy does not cover the stored items ask the manager about a Tenant One Direct brochure. You will find information concerning insurance that can be purchased from the Tenant One Direct insurance company in that brochure.

A key point to remember is that your insurance needs will change if you add to or remove items from self-storage. Check with your insurance provider before taking out a policy to be certain that it can be changed if needed.